We are Occupational Therapists with special interest and training in hand therapy, lymphoedema and breast cancer rehabilitation.

What does that mean?

We can help you with managing conditions that involve the hand and elbow. This can be due to trauma (an injury or a repetitive strain), disease (e.g. arthritis), congenital or acquired deformities. We use various techniques and tools to assist in non-operative strategies, preventative strategies and post-surgical rehabilitation. This can involve the use of activity and exercise programmes, splinting, management of pain and swelling, as well as managing scar tissue.

We can assist with reducing swelling (e.g. following injury or surgery, swelling caused by insufficient veins, and chronic swelling), in various parts of the body (not only the hands). If you are suffering from the side effects of you cancer treatment (swelling, pain, loss of movement, loss of function) we can help ease the symptoms and improve your quality of life.

We assess and treat patients using science (by keeping up to date in our fields of practice) and a bit of art. Patients are not “textbooks” and we believe each patient will have different needs, so we adjust to that individual patient’s needs and circumstance, taking into consideration not only their condition, but also who they are as a person.

Read more about the therapy we offer at https://www.otzone.co.za/therapies-offered/


Do I need a referral to see an OT?

In some cases it is advised to see a doctor before you see a therapist. This can help to diagnose your condition, which can help us treat you better. It can also be helpful to rule out a few conditions. We work closely with a team of doctors to get the best results for our patients. There are some conditions that we can assess and treat without a referral from a doctor, these include:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscular/tendon pains (e.g. repetitive strain injuries)
  • Minor sprains and strains
  • Scars
  • A change in the sensation of your hand
  • Weakness of your hands
  • Swelling not assosciated with infection, kidney or heart issues. (We treat these forms of swelling in close commnication with your doctor)

If your not sure if you need to see a doctor or therapist, give our rooms a call an one of our skilled therapists can advise you on the best way to proceed.

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